Our Finishing Range

We are a recognised world class textile finisher with nearly 100 years experience in fabric finishing an extensive and diversified range of textiles. We are a leader in the coating and finishing of woven and non-woven fabrics.

With a combination of our skilled workforce and innovative technology we are proud to be working with a number of iconic British companies producing high end luxury brands.


Our open width wash range is used for the removal of fabric impurities which are often introduced during the weaving process, such as sizes, waxes and oils.


With the multiple configurations of our modern stenter ovens,  we are able to dry, straighten and chemically treat a diverse range of fabrics up to 220cm wide. Our pre-programmable Stenter ensures our customers have batch to batch consistency of handle, shade and performance.


Removes surface fibres or ‘hairiness’ on fabrics which reduces pilling and enhances the appearance.


Applies heat and pressure, which impart lustre (brightness and shine) to cottons, linens and blends by flattening the weave. It is  also effective in improving the handle of cloth.


This mechanical tumbling machine imparts a very soft handle to and pleasant drape to cottons, linens, polyesters and blends. When combined with a wash, softener application in the stenter and a calender, this represents our ultimate luxurious finish for clothing and furnishings.



The latest addition to our finishing range  is the Sanforiser. This allows us to pre-shrink and stabalise fabric for a ‘shrink-proof’ washable finish and impart a soft and silky feeling to cotton fabrics. This finish also helps reduce pilling, wrinkles, puckering, distortion and improves general handle.

Backcoating & Flame Retardancy

Our long standing backcoating range can enhance certain properties of the fabric, providing functional and aesthetic benefits. It can enhance stability, create opacity and provide a flame retardant property to fabric depending on the requirements chosen.



After we’ve applied the required value-added finish, we meticulously inspect every metre of cloth by hand on our LED lit vertical inspection perches. Our experienced inspectors are trained to spot and report faults, even tagging weave, yarn and colour faults on behalf of our customers, if required. 

Offering a full inspection service means that cloth can be shipped direct to the customer with confidence. We utilise LEAN and 6SIGMA problem solving tools in order to proactively resolve quality issues and prevent them from reoccurring. 

The Promise of Quality

We strive to assure our customers of the highest quality and consistency. This is backed up by rigorous testing procedures on all delivered treatments. For example, each batch of flame retardant backcoated fabric is tested to the relevant British or ISO Standards to ensure the process meets our clients and end customer’s requirements. Samples are kept in storage for a minimum of 18 months and test result records are kept for future reference.