By following a programme of continuous investment in new technologies and equipment we are able to offer technological solutions to fulfil the ever changing requirements of our customers.


Our open width scouring range is used for the removal of fabric impurities which are often introduced during the manufacturing process, such as sizes, waxes and oils.


With the multiple configurations of our modem Stenters we are able to dry and chemically treat a wide range of fabrics up to 220cm wide. Our pre-programmable Stenter ensures our customers have batch to batch consistency of handle, shade and performance.


This imparts a very soft handle to cotton, linen, polyester etc. When combined with a wash, softener and a calender, this represents our ultimate finish for clothing and furnishings.


Applies heat and pressure, which impart lustre to cellulosic fabrics and is also effective in improving the handle of cotton and linen fabric blends.


Removes surface hairs on fabrics which reduce pilling and enhances the appearance.


We strive to assure our customers of the highest quality and consistency. This is backed up by rigorous testing procedures on all delivered treatments. Each batch of flame retardant backcoated fabric is tested to the relevant British Standards to ensure the process meets our clients and end customer’s requirements. Samples are kept in storage for a minimum of 18 months and test results and records are kept for future reference.

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